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We are passionate about building the right solution every time for each client. 

Here are some of the companies we have partnered with to create organization success through our training solutions. In each partnership, we have built long-lasting relationships that strengthen the organization's learning goals and meet their needs.



“ I have had the pleasure of working with Northlake Professional Group on several training design and development projects. Northlake Professional Group has partnered with us in many ways to develop creative training solutions.”

Carol Biolsi, Director of Instructional Design

"If you want to get the job done on time and within budget and BEYOND - Northlake Professional Group is your 'go to' training solutions company. They are the consummate professionals that not only provide support, but drive leadership with SMEs and Partners to ensure the quality of work is not jeopardized. Working with Northlake Professional Group for over two years allowed me to get to know them not only around the capabilities that were required for success, but even exhibited capabilities outside of their required scope. Northlake Professional Group's dedication extends beyond working hours and objectives to design and implement a GOLD solution/product. It is not often that you come across a stellar training solutions partner that enhances one's learning experience through the right interface and engagement that seems so 'organic' to the end user."

Charlese McDonald, IT Learning and Organizational Development

"Northlake Professional Group is that rare combination of work ethic, talent, and humility. They expect of themselves the highest performance standards and then move on to the next thing without asking for credit or validation. Northlake Professional Group is highly principled with timelines and deliverables, and always pushing to imagine the most creative or innovative solution to a problem. Whether instructional design, project management, technical administration, or website production, Northlake Professional Group meets the client where s/he is and doesn't stop working until they get what they need!"

 Anne Callan, Managing Director, Organizational Development and Learning

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