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How Creating a Catalogue of Learning Benefits Your Company

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There’s no doubt that businesses must offer their team members training opportunities. This is necessary to remain competitive as well as attract and retain the best employees.

However, it isn’t enough to simply offer e-learning opportunities. The training you provide must be effective and accessible. One way to do this is to create a learning catalog.

What Is a Learning Catalogue?

A catalog of learning is a series of online learning opportunities that your company makes available. Usually, this is intended for employees, but in some cases, these may be offered to customers as well. The catalog includes a collection of classes available within a specific subject area or theme.

Here are some examples:

Of course, many organizations may choose to have a single, comprehensive training catalog that is divided into multiple smaller catalogs.

The Benefits of Creating a Catalogue for Your Learning Library

Assuming that you’ve adopted a great LMS (learning management system) and have comprehensive training available, why bother with a catalog of learning? It’s worth the effort to make a learning catalog available to your teams for the following reasons.

Customize Online Learning for Each Team Member

Employees are much more likely to stay at jobs where they see a future for themselves. By creating learning pathways via training catalogs, you show workers that you value their professional development. More importantly, you offer a clear suite of training to help them pursue their goals.

Encourage Self-Directed Learning

When all training is only available through official channels, workers miss out on opportunities to develop new skills or benefit from microlearning. Additionally, organizations struggle with diminished productivity and customer experience.

However, if you have a comprehensive catalog of learning, your team members can easily source the materials they need to gain the knowledge they need right when they need it.

Dedicate More Time to Instructional Design

With a training catalog available to make learning more accessible and to help employees source the information they need at any given time, your training staff will spend less time on logistics and delivery.

Ideally, that will give them more time to focus on instructional design. This should result in future training efforts that are more impactful, more engaging, and offer better ROI.

Meet or Exceed Industry Standards for Virtual Learning

You can also buy training catalogs from third-party sources. These are often comprehensive learning opportunities in areas that are absolutely imperative to your industry.

By adopting these and incorporating them into your training opportunities, you ensure that you are always providing your team with learning opportunities that meet or exceed industry standards.

Building Your Training Catalogue

Your training catalog is only effective if it leads your team members to course opportunities that make them more productive and empowers them to reach their goals. Our team can help with that. Contact Northlake PG to source and develop the learning content your company needs today.

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